September is here and so many things start, all over again. School, the Jewish New Year, the football season, the Broadway theater season… I have been thinking about how I can change-up my routines and really make this a new and better year, season, whatever. How can I, or you, or anyone else, try to make positive changes in our own lives and thus in society as a whole? Hopefully this is a life-long process and one that should be done conscientiously. I will reflect on small (and large) ways to make life better and also look at the effects. As well, how does someone deal with the mistakes and foolish things that we cannot shake, or seemingly can’t stop? How can you get rid of bad habits and install better ones in their places? And opinions can differ on the changes and the analysis.

I guess almost all of us would see donating blood as a good thing, right? I did that recently (a few weeks ago, in August). But what are some actions that I might do, and think are good, that someone else would think are stupid, or foolish, or just plain wrong? What are the effects? Does everyone have a different agenda? It’s easy to be mired by indecision. And will many people scoff at the title “do-gooder”? Will that make my quest even harder because someone is disparaging what I do?