People want to catch the perfect moment with their cameras, their camera-phones, their portable technology. Sometimes they try so hard and don’t catch it, give up, feel frustrated, and don’t get to enjoy the moment. Just look carefully. Stop trying so hard.

I looked at the turtle and took a few shots and didn’t even realize that I had snapped this. Am I saying that you should always stroll through life in such a casual fashion? No, but loosen up and maybe you will take a really nice photograph.And have a better time, a more enjoyable experience.

Sometimes I feel this way about other parts of life. Work: you get caught up and annoyed at various aspects of your job. I know I do. I have to tell myself, enjoy what you can. Especially in my field, which can be full of aggravation and nasty, controlling people and way too many soul-crushing details and sets of paperwork. I have to remind myself (and my colleagues who are willing to listen) that you have to find something that you like about work…or you will be so damned miserable. Not optimum.Image